Thoughts on One of my Favorite Media Forms...

I love tv. I love Radio drama. They're both a form of serial from old, and when done right it's an amazing venue for story telling.

There are SOOOOOOO many bad tv shows though, and for every 100 bad tv shows there 1 or 2 really good ones. Ones with engaging characters, good writing, and interesting stories. The sad part is all the good ones get cancelled very quickly.

Take for example the recent Aaron Sorkin Comedy/Drama "Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip". Excellently well written, an awesome cast, and yet it only lasted one season (and it escaped cancellation twice during it's one season).

And it's not just Studio 60, I can list a bunch without even trying:
"Greg the Bunny"

"Dark Angel"
"Veronica Mars"
"John Doe"
"Arrested Development"
And many others

So why is it that decent shows get cancelled so quickly? I'm constatnly scared that if I like it it'll get cancelled.

Right now I'm watching "Dexter" I love it....and I hope it lasts....
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Warming up to Nickelback....

In a move that is sure to anger some of you I've been warming up to Nickelback lately.

Sure their musical creativity sucks (need I link to how you remind me of someday?), and Chad kroger is far from a unique and talented guitarist. But their songwriting is awesome, I find my self enjoying Rockstar, Photograph is awesome, and even if you go back to albums before silver side up their lyrics were top notch....

Now if only they could write songs with more then 3 chords....


Random Crap......

-I need a good Mythbusters you know how hard it is to find a decent one that's not a fucking arm and a leg? :(

-SQUEE!!! GHIII is out, song really good songs but it's harder this time, I still haven't finished it yet.... :)

-Meh, I think my radio in my shitty first car is possesed....sometimes it works....most times not so much, I need to put a new one in..... :(

-Yeah I got my first people are gonna laugh.....but it runs and the price was right.....I'm driving a 92 minivan. Yeah it sucks cause theres some AWESOME drivers roads around here and my van is about as gutless as it gets.... :(

-I'm lovin' the new Carlos Santana CD....The solo on "Into the Night" is the FUCKIN' A :)

-Work is going awesome, I'm loving the job I do....I was a little concerned before I went into school but now I'm not any more :)

-It's time to pay off my student loans :(

I think that's all for now....I suck at writing these things....

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So a while ago a certain person on LJ was kind enough to post some links for me on the interwebs.

Which were eagerly gobbled up by me.

a few days later the certain person expressed annoyance that others take stuff and don't say thank you.....

this morning I was listening to tunes, and it hit me like a ton of bricks!

I went back, checked, and my suspicion was confirmed.

I was the offending person!

So I must apoligize for my lack of manners Chris and I hope you realize it was an error on my parent I REALLY do appreciate the files.


(/me had better update this thing later today)
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So yeah.....

I Never post on this thing anymore and I really should. I feel like by not poosting and only reading I'm not being fair to the precious few people that might actually care what I have to say...

So what's new with me?

-I have Front row center tickets (literally) to see BMG here in Edmonton in September

-I finished school in april.... (so that means schools out for the summer...and since it's my last year that means that schools out forever...I should add a sweet guitar riff)

-I found a job on Monday...which means I'm moving to Yellowknife

-This BMG concert now has $500 worth of airfare attached

-Bah I won't let go of it...the seats or just to damn good

-So yeah I'm gonna be working with an airline up in Yellowknife doing maintenence on their fleet of twin otter, cessna, and dash 7 aircraft.

-Bah I hate packing stuff

-I now have to pack up ALL my stuff

-did I mention that I have NEVER moved before?

-This post has truly devolved in to a jumbled collection of meaningless thoughts...

-maybe I should quick while I'm ahead...

-I'll try again another day...
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A couple orders of buisness....

Hey guys,

A couple things that I need to post about today:

1. An Apoligy: It's finals week on my end and I have had 6 tests thsi week (I still have two more tommorow) so I haven't been checking on the P2 boards lately. I apoligize for that, it rtecently came to my attention (today) that some people are having troubles logging in and/or staying logged in. I'll be looking into this over the next day or twofor sure, but in the meantime those of you *coughcoughSHAWNcoughDEBBIEcough* that are having problems, would you mind leaving a comment detailing what problems exactly you're having? is it giving you some form of error message? if so what does it say? etc. Once again I apoligize for my absence and I'll do my best to get you guys back up and running ASAP.

and 2. I recently broke down and purchased "Live at the venition(sp)" from iTunes. however due to some magical hocus pocus that I employed (ok I downloaded and compiled a program someone else wrote) I now have a DRM free version of that would be perfect for sharing (even though according to the RIAA everytime you share music god kills a kitten).  So I don't know what purpose this file set would serve ;) but I have them and am offering them to those that read my LJ... cheers guys and enjoy...
Eveytime you share music god kills a kitten
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Wow, it's 5am, I'm god it's a miracle!
Nah, finals week....

But I digress, I really ought to be posting to this thing more often, instead of getting off my butt and posting here my activities normally devolve into a non-commenting daily voryeristic read of my friends' journals. (can you be vouristic if you only read text?...ah but there was that picture oof someones feet several months ago :P )

So in other news: I hate canada post....Month after month they keep losing my mail, and it's the same newsletter month after month, I know others that get it but I either get it waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay late, or just not at all. So I can sympathise Chris.

I've also been listening to the new Beatles album lately...and frankly I'm not a fan. But it's not for the reason you might expect. You see it's the same beatles songs I've been hearing since I was 5. I have the utmost respect for the beatles, and frankly a beatles "remix album" is an EXTREMLY dangerous propisition with plenty of opertunity to make a horrible record. but at the same time when you have access to the oridginal masters, and Paul and Ringo even do some suplementary vocals you have to run with it. All the song changes are excedingly subtle, I think that the people behind it weren't risky, and they put out the "safe bet". I mean it's a good album, but it's good like the red album, or the blue album, why? beacause it's the red or blue albums all over again, great but nothing new. then again that's just my $0.02....

I'm going to school now.....
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Maybe I'm crazy....

It's that time of year again....

The time of year when Pepsi gives away prizes like candy. I must be a masochist in order to fill out a survey and enter a contest ONCE EVERY HOUR for two months....

Pepsi has been doing this for three years now. Two years ago they gave away 2,016 iPods, I snagged one. Last year it was the Xbox 360....I had one of those a full WEEK before the console was released worldwide. And this year they're giving away more 360's...of which I again am trying to win.

So yeah I'm crazy...and fanatical...

but I've won over $1000 worth of stuff from pepsi before, and I'll win more this year....
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I'm sorry...

I HAVE to abolish my sins....

I'm an Edmontonian, I'm supposed to hate calgarian teams/people....

but the Oilers had the players, they had the dollars, and they had the coaching staff...

and they STILL suck....

sadly I have to do it:

Go flames go.... :(

Me and the BMMB....

Caution: Language

Is it reasonable to be angry about being ignored?
What the fuck did I ever do to piss them off so much?
-I NEVER pm'd ANY nasty messages of any sort
-I NEVER attacked anyone personnally
-I went out of my ever since I joined to try to get to know people...
-And all I've ever gotten from most people there was the cold shoulder...

I'm sick and tired of the bullshit!!!!

I've noticed new members asking (granted newbie) questions attacked, I'm seen people outright ignored, I personnally have been killing threads left right and centre for some reason....

No wonder why I drifted away for a few months...

Fuck them, they can have their fucking in-club guised under the BML and BMMB and their "Community"

I'm leaving the BMMB, I'm not going to raise a stink about it though beacause it's not worth my time and emotional energy in order for nothing to change...

Couple notes:
-If you have been reading this in my LJ without being reffered to it by anyone you are NOT part of the problem...
Their are a few people who do not read my LJ and I want to ensure they do not feel bad in the event that this comes up on the BMMB:
Debbie (Bluebee)
Jim (JWtodd)
Jessica (blutat2)
Ken (Falling)

-And IF anyone reading this decides to bring it upi on the board you're on your own, I don't have the time or enery in my life right now to fight a huge internet flame war that won't change anything anyways....
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